Lifeshield Whole Home Security System Review

lifeshieldLifeshield Home Security System is brought to you through DirecTV Satellite Company, Lifeshield is a DirecTV Company. Lifeshield’s goal is to offer a reasonably priced home security system that is easy to set up and pretty impossible for home intruders and burglars to get by.

Lifeshield’s headquarters are in Langhorne, PA. Lifeshield security came about in 2002 by technology innovator named Louis Stilp. Stilp was looking for a home security system for his own family, but didn’t like the options he came upon for expensive wired systems. He refined his wireless security system and his many innovations and the company became what it is today, Lifeshield Security.

Features of the Lifeshield Home Security System

Lifeshield wireless security system has advanced video monitoring that lets you monitor your home from anywhere and from any device. You can see when your kids get home after school, check in on your pets while away, and see who is at the front door before answering it. This system lets you take pictures and review recorded video.

Lifeshield has the only bas station that provides three layers of protection. Layer one is Broadband Internet, layer two is cellular network, and layer three is landline phone. So even if the Internet goes down and your phone lines are cut, you will stay protected. There is a backup battery so even if the power goes out you will still be protected.

Lifeshield also has a patented Fire-Safety Sensor that adds another safety feature for you and your family. These fire sensors are placed near your existing smoke detectors and these sensors integrate with the smoke detectors you already own. When the your smoke detectors go off , this sensor will “hear” the sound and sends a signal to the central monitoring system, which then notifies the fire department.

Lifeshield is the only wireless whole home security system to offer three layers of backup protection, free whole home fire protection, free mobile app, local crime and alerts. Here’s a nice review of LifeShield home security, which will cover more of the features and advantages of this company.

Pricing Packages

When you find the package that is right for you, you will save $10 on your monthly DirecTV bill.

  • Security Essential package is $29.99 a month, you will get 4 door/window sensors, 1 security touchpad, 1 security base and 1 keypad, 1 keychain remote, a pet-friendly sensor, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, free mobile app, free whole-home fire protection.
  • Security Advantage package is $39.99 a month, you will get 6 door/window sensors, 1 security touchpad, 1 security base and 1 keypad, 1 keychain remote, pet-friendly motion sensor, fire safety sensor, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, free mobile app, free whole-home fire protection…Plus you will receive 1 wireless camera with video monitoring.
  • Security Professional package is $49.99 a month, you will receive everything that is in the Security Advantage package…Plus you will receive 2 wireless cameras with video monitoring and 1 GB of extra video storage.

Are UK PPI Firms Ethical?

Reported in the news recently has been issues of ethics when dealing with UK ppi claim companies, due to the fact that these companies expect to be paid for something that, if the consumer chooses, they could get for free.

However, one of the things that has become apparent, is the fact that a lot of the people who are searching online for “ppi reclaim” related search terms actually ARE looking for ppi claims firms’ that can help them to get their money back on their wrongly sold insurance policies.

Making a claim for payment protection is a process that usually takes a few months (this is because there is a lot of back and forth liasing that needs to be done between ppi companies and the FOS in many cases, but there can also be delays in processing with the banks).

Most ppi reclaim firms operate on a no win no fee scheme, meaning that the payment for any work that gets done is payable after the claim has been completed, assuming the claim is a success.

When thinking about the ethics around a ppi company, you have to appreciate that these companies have staff that work full time, and they work on a success only basis to ensure to the best of their ability that you get the compensation that you are looking for.  The company that employs these people are only rewarded if your claim is successful.

Taking these factors into account, it is hard to see where these companies are ‘out of line’ ethically, as most of the marketing materials for these firms’ are very transparent about the fact that there is a fee payable and that there are no guarantees with the services that they offer.

Another factor, is the fact that many people choose to use these companies instead of claiming the compensation back themselves because it is highly convenient for them.  It is easier to use a claims’ management expert to get your money back than it is to do it yourself.

If you do choose to do it yourself, then you need to be aware that you cannot do this alone with ease, which is the main reason that there is such a big market for people who would rather use a company.

In summary, the ethical status of a claims company depends purely on how they conduct their business.  If you suspect that you would not be happy about a component of service that is offered by a particular firm, speak out before you take on any particular service.

Pheromone Colognes: An Effective Way to Attract a Mate?

Physical attraction involves more than just an appealing aesthetic. The truth is that pheromones likely play a role in generating attention from the opposite sex. Pheromones are complex chemicals released by an animal’s body to attract mates. This biological fact explains why pheromone colognes are emerging in popularity.

Fact or Fiction?

Do pheromone colognes really inspire sexual attraction from the opposite sex? You’ll find a different answer based on who you ask. Pheromones do not exist according to a human being’s conscious mind but they allegedly do play a role in a human being’s unconscious mind. Proponents of the pheromone theory argue that sensitive receptors in the human nose and brain pick up on pheromone scents. This scent is the catalyst for an ensuing sexual arousal. Repeat purchasers of pheromone colognes agree. They are adamant that the sprays and liquids play pivotal roles in generating attraction and the resulting intimate contact.

Critics argue that pheromones might exist only in animals outside of the human race. Scientists have not been able to officially identify the chemical compound in human beings that incites sexual attraction the same way that it does with animals. However, if you were to poll a large group of women, it is likely that you’d find that the majority are attracted to the natural scent of a man after he has exercised. This lends credence to the argument that pheromones exist and really do generate sexual interest from the opposite sex.

Some Examples

If you decide to purchase a pheromone cologne for men, consider what types of pheromones are used in the solution and how effective its users have determined it to be. Don’t shell out upwards of fifty to a hundred dollars without doing your research beforehand. Let’s take a look at two of the most effective, affordable and crowd pleasing pheromone colognes on the market.

One of the more popular pheromone colognes is Pherazone. The makers of this product claim that it produces the most dates out of any pheromone cologne on the market. It does contain laboratory certified hormones and smells quite pleasant according to its users. Studies actually show that over 90 percent of both men and women determined that Pherazone gives them a dating edge. They claim that Pherazone really does generate significant sexual interest. Pherazone retails for $5 per 18 mg.

Nexus Pheromones cologne contains seven unique human pheromone compounds. This brew is the result of over twelve years of intense research. Its creators claim that it lasts for ten hours, a much longer time span than its competitors. Nexus Pheromones cost just about $50 per bottle but you only need to use a single spray per use.

Although it is likely that the human body naturally produces pheromones, no one is arguing for men and women to avoid bathing and using deodorant. Thankfully, scientists have created synthetic reproductions of pheromones in the form of colognes. If you are seeking a significant other, pheromone colognes are definitely worth a try.